Argon Services:

We will work closely with the Architect, Designer, or General Contractor. We are also comfortable working directly with the Builder, Building Owner, or Manager. Flexible and Efficient On-Going Maintenance Programs have become one of our specialities.

Argon Services Include:

  • New Construction - Coordination from Project Commencement to Completion
  • Design/Engineering and Cost Analysis - New and Renovation Construction
  • Electrical and Professional Engineering Services
  • Custom Lighting Design, Retrofit, Energy Audits and Savings Analysis
  • Maintenance and Support of Electrical Systems
  • Information Technology - Low Voltage Communication and Fiber Optic Systems
  • Thermal Scan/Infrared Inspections and Report Analysis
  • Electrical Service Recording, Report and Analysis
  • Generator and Emergency Service Systems including ATS and UPS Equipment
  • Design and Installation of Surge Protection and Phase Monitoring Equipment
  • Machinery Installation/Re-Location
  • Utility Incentives and Tax Benefit Analysis